Our Constitution

NAME: The name of the Society shall be the Bonnyrigg & Lasswade Local History Society.

AIMS: The aims of the Society are as follows :-

1. To foster interest in the history and archaeology of Bonnyrigg & Lasswade.

2. To hold regular meetings for members to which speakers may be invited.

3. To organise outings and visits to places of historical interest in the locality and further afield.

4. To collect and hold on behalf of the local community, significant items of local interest such as photographs, books, artefacts, written records etc.

5. To hold occasional exhibitions.

6. To make our collection of resources available for consultation.

7. To encourage the furtherance of oral history and record this where possible.

8. To encourage the appreciation and preservation of buildings, archaeological sites and other places of interest within the locality.

9. To publish leaflets where appropriate on the history of the local area.


The membership is open to all interested parties on payment of the annual subscription fee. The subscription shall be subject to annual revision at the Annual General Meeting.


The Committee shall be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting and shall consist of eight members, of whom one shall be elected Chairman, one Vice Chairman, one Secretary and one Treasurer.

The Committee shall have powers to co-opt members and form sub-committees.


The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held every Spring, when the Annual Reports and Accounts for the year duly audited, shall be presented.


All moneys raised by or on behalf of the Society shall be used to further the aims of the Society and for no other purpose.

No office bearer or other member shall be paid or be given any sum of money or honorarium except in so far as the payment is for re-imbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of the Society.

All cheques shall be signed jointly by the Treasurer and any other office bearer.


The accounts of the Society shall be independently examined by a suitably qualified or competent person.


Any resolution to alter the Constitution shall be submitted to the Society at the Annual General Meeting. A resolution must be passed by a three quarters majority of those present and eligible to vote through membership of the Society.

Notice of any proposed amendment should be presented as a motion to the Secretary, twenty-one days before the meeting.


The Society may only be dissolved by a resolution of three quarters of those present at an Extraordinary General Meeting. The Committee must give twenty eight days notice in writing to all members of such a meeting.

After the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, any funds remaining shall be used to improve the amenity of the district in such manner as those present recommend.

All items held in the Society’s archive shall be entrusted to the care of the Librarian, Midlothian Council Libraries, to be held on behalf of the local community and as far as possible be kept in the locality and be available for study.

Constitution was agreed unanimously at the AGM in 1985.

Signed : Helen Dickinson (Secretary).

Posts of Secretary and Programme Secretary amalgamated as approved at the AGM in 1993.

Signed : Neil.K.Stewart (Chairman).

Clause referring to “Auditors” amended as approved at the AGM in 2001.

Signed: Herbert.L.R.Dryden (Chairman).

Clause referring to “Committee” amended as approved at AGM in 2012.

Signed: Herbert.L.R.Dryden (Chairman).

Clause referring to “Auditors” amended to read “Independent Examiners”.

Clause referring to “Aims” amended deleting reference to Bonnyrigg Public Library.

Signed: Andrew Renwick (Chairman).