Dr Mary Noble Memorial Award Presentation 2019

Congratulations to Bonnyrigg Primary School [P5 classes] , worthy winners of the Dr Mary Noble Memorial Award for 2019.

Readers may recall that Bonnyrigg Primary School also won the competition in 2018, so well done to them again.

The trophy plus a cash prize of £100 was presented to the winners on Wednesday 20th March 2019 at a ceremony held at Bonnyrigg Parish Church. The ceremony was very well attended by children from all four of the participating schools together with their parents and teachers.

This year’s theme was “The History of My School”.

The competition judges remarked that they had a difficult job because all of the entries were of a very high standard this year and that all four of the schools were to be commended for their efforts.

We asked all of the children to stand up at the event and  invited the audience to give them a round of applause.

A brief summary of each entry is as follows:-

The Burnbrae  P5 classes gave us a timeline on two display boards pinpointing many significant events in the history of their school and that of their predecessor Hopefield Primary.

The Bonnyrigg  P5 classes gave us a video presentation where they imagined that some pupils from the 1930’s Bonnyrigg Primary, had time-travelled to the present day to see what school life was like now. They had sections on the original school in Polton Street, the more recent one in Sherwood and finally their present school buildings in Cockpen Road.

The children interviewed various people including teachers and other staff members who could relate to their school in previous years. They also featured interviews using British Sign Language [BSL] because they have some profoundly deaf pupils in their classes.

The Hawthornden P5 classes gave us a video presentation  called “Hawthornden TV” where the children talked about the past, present and future of their school highlighting the fact that the school is now 50 years old and is on the site of a former farm. They interviewed several people including their own grandparents, school teachers, other staff members and former pupils and they showed us what the school is like today.

The Lasswade P5 classes gave us a video presentation containing sections on the original school buildings situated in Lasswade village and some of the early history of their school dating back to the nineteenth century .

They also gave us a guided tour by the pupils around the various parts of the present school building in Pendreich Drive which opened in 1977.

Finally, they included a very futuristic virtual tour of what their school might be like in years to come, using Minecraft.

Time did not permit us to display any of the entries during the presentation ceremony, but we will certainly do so at our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 17th April 2019 in the Pitcairn Centre.